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FCS 1331 Site Accreditation Scheme

Digital Angel Radio Communications Ltd have been successful in their application to be FCS 1331Accredited.

This Accreditation Scheme provides customers with a selection of technically competent, high quality professional providers who will install a radio communications system in a proper manner such that:

  1. The work is performed safely and that the site's condition is not compromised.    
  2. The system actually works properly because technical matters are addressed in accordance with FCS1331.
  3. The new deployment does not adversely affect existing deployments thus avoiding serious difficulties.
  4. Proper long-term maintenance of the system is addressed to suit the customer's needs.
  5. The deployment process is properly tailored to the needs of the site. This saves a lot of time and money for the user.
  6. The relevant regulation and UK law is complied with and that the installed system conforms to the conditions of the Wireless Telegraphy Act Licence, Light licence or Licence Exemption. 
  7. The correct licences are obtained well before work commences and that proper procedures are recommended to the licence holder on how to keep these up to date.  This is an essential step to avoid cost.
  8. Public concerns over exposure to radio waves that may arise can be addressed in a manner consistent with Official Health Protection Agency Guidelines. 
  9. Environmental issues relating to Waste are followed.

The participants in this Accreditation Scheme have all formally undertaken to follow the Guidelines within FCS 1331:2013.  This comprehensive Code of Practice addresses all the above subjects.

For more information vist the FCS Web Site

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