Icom ICA6

The IC-A6 is the direct successors to the ever-popular IC-A3 series of Icom handheld radios. The IC-A6 design incorporates the size and durability of the IC-A3 with improved usability. The IC-A6 includes a large LCD, large speaker and easy-to-use panel layout. The side of the radio has a non-slip slit to prevent accidental dropping.

ICA6 Main Features

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Two versions of each model are available. 'Sport' Pack and 'Pro' Pack.
Compact, stylish design
New channel recall function
VOR navigation function (IC-A24 only)
Dedicated 121.5MHz Emergency key (Programmed with 121.5MHz homing frequency)
Water resistant (equivalent to IPX4)
Simultaneous operation and charging from an external power source
200 alphanumeric memory channels with memory banks
Side Tone function
ANL function
Battery packs and cases are compatible with Icom’s range of commercial radios.

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