Kenwood TK2180/3180

Kenwood’s TK-2180/3180 defines a bold new standard for portable radio performance, scoring high marks for operating ease, versatility and reliability.

TK2180/3180 Main Features

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Large channel capacity (max. 512)
Wide/narrow channels
5 watts output
Built-in scrambler 
Large dot matrix LCD display; multi-language
" FleetSync" digital signalling and messaging 
5-tone signalling; multi-format 
Lone Worker function. Emergency keys
Transparent Data mode for wireless linking
GPS connection capable 
Compatible with MPT1327 (with firmware upgrade) 
Real-time clock for time stamping
Built-in VOX 
Voting scanning 
Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh and Li-Ion battery options 
Optional Voice Guide/Recorder (up to 300 seconds)/Auto-Reply VGS-1 
Remote Stun, Revive and Kill


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