Kenwood TKR 751/851

The versatile TKR-751/851 is ready for deployment as a 16-user group conventional repeater, a simplex or full-duplex base station, or as the RF core of a trunking system. Advanced features such as the DSP audio processing, 5-Tone/DTMF over-the-air remote control and programmable auxiliary I/O’s combined with round-the-clock reliability add up to a superlative performing unit.

TKR 751/851 Main Features

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Low power model – variable 1 to 25 watts
High Stability 100% Continuous Duty at 25 watts 
16 Full-Duplex Channels & Single Priority Scan 
QT/DQT with DSP Multi-Decode 
Companded Audio with local speaker 
Flash Memory 
2-Digit Numeric Led Display and Led indicator
Multi Signalling protocol
Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth per Channel 
Windows Programming and Tuning Software
6 remotely-controllable PF Keys
Embedded Message With Password Lock 
External Control I/O 
Battery Backup Alert
Durable Die-Cast Chassis Construction


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