Talking Headsets-Swatcom

Talking Headsets offer a wide range of revolutionary products and solutions to help you to communicate more safely and efficiently even when in the most demanding environments. We supply the latest, most sophisticated passive and electronic hearing protection, head protection, two-way communications headsets and wireless hands-free full-duplex communications solutions currently available on the market.

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Swatcom 1 Modular PTT System, the Swatcom 1 is an intrinsically safe, ATEX approved, waterproof and dust tight Press-To-Talk switch with radio lead. The SWATCOM 1 (Modular Accessory PTT ) can be configured to attach to virtually any portable two-way radio 

Swatcom 2 PTT Throat Mic System, this unique Throat Mic and PTT (Push-to-Talk switch) with radio lead was designed specifically for military and law enforcement users who want a reliable accessory for voice communication that is streamline, easy to use and can be adapted in the field, for a variety of operational scenarios.

Swatcom 3 Voice Amplifier PTT System, the Swatcom 3 Voice Amplifier PTT System was delevoped as a new concept in radio accessory functionality, it combines a PTT with a voice amplifier. The amplification function allows users to speak at normal levels and be understood while wearing facemasks/protective suits.

Swatcom 4 Voice Amplifier System, is a portable voice amplifier that when attached to a throat mic or lightweight boom mic headset amplifies the users voice