Talking Headsets-Sonetics Wireless-Com

Talking Headsets offer a wide range of revolutionary products and solutions to help you to communicate more safely and efficiently even when in the most demanding environments. We supply the latest, most sophisticated passive and electronic hearing protection, head protection, two-way communications headsets and wireless hands-free full-duplex communications solutions currently available on the market.

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SONETICS Wireless-Com

Systems can be configured to suit any number of users (up to 120). Systems allow the users to talk to each other without having to push any buttons or wait their turn to talk. The full-duplex feature allows constant communications between, all users all time

Wireless Headsets, headband and under helmet style headsets that connect wirelessly to the main wireless base. Rugged, noise cancelling and full duplex. Constant or PTT versions, all full-duplex

Belt Packs/Headsets, the wireless belt packs allow users to choose from a wide range of lightweight headsets and throat microphones. If high noise is not an issue then you will not need hearing protection so the belt packs offer the greatest flexibility

Wireless Base, single and 4 user wireless base stations enable the wireless headsets to communicate in groups. More bases can be connected together by using one of the 110/210/310 intercoms to enable 5 or more users to talk in the group. Can be mains or battery powered

Radio Intercoms, connect to the wireless base stations and enable numerous wireless base stations to be connected together, allowing more users on the system. A single 2-way radio can then be connected allowing all the users to utilise the features of the radio.

PELI Case IP67 to house Base and Headsets, customised to suit.

Accessories, hygiene kits, power supplies, carry cases and portable power supplies.