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Hytera PD795EX

Two-way radios have been productivity tool for many professionals. For those who work in environments with explosive gas and combustible dusts, safety is on top of everything, where using regular radios could be unsafe.Hytera understands what’s underneath the challenges of professionals in hazardous environments. Dedicated to designing and delivering of innovative intrinsically safe communications solutions, Hytera launched PD795 Ex, a portable DMR radio that complies with the world’s strictest safety standard.

Hytera PD795EX

Main Features

Up to 1024 channels
12.5/20/25 selectable channel spacing
Channel Scan supports mixed mode scanning( analogue & digital channel)
IP67 and MIL-STD-810 F ensures outstanding performance in harsh environments
Supports Global Positioning System(GPS)(standard)
Digital voice call function
Digital text message function (preprogrammable message and editable message)
Supplemental services (remote monitor, radio enable, radio disable, call alert)
Man-down (standard)
Basic scrambler and encryption
Advanced Encryption
Pseudo-trunk operation (DMO&RMO)
Multi-Site Roaming
Channel Change Voice Notification
5 tone , HDC1200, 2 tone signalling selectable ( in analogue mode)
Analogue & Digital DTMF
One touch call/text message/supplymental services
Home screen dial
Multi-language menu display
Vibrate Alert
Power-on & off user logo programming
Analogue & Digital Emergency

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