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Hytera RD625

Compact and light indoor repeater RD625 is a new addition to Hytera’s migration products. The innovative design allows easy wall-mount installation with AC/DC power. DR625 is a dual, analogue/digital repeater with embedded mini duplexer and power supply. Analogue/digital back to back interconnect facilitates easy communication between analogue and digital users while telephone interconnect feature supports communication between radio and telephone users. With the IP port built in, RD625 is suitable for a multi-site coverage, both indoor and outdoor.

Hytera RD625

Main Features

Multipal Sites via IP
Digital Audio Streaming of Dual Time Slots
Analog / Digital Operating Mode
Analog Scan
Repeater Diagnostic And Control (RDAC)
AD/DC Auto Switch
Analog / Digital Back-to-Back Interconnect
Multi CTCSS/CDCSS Decode
Analog / Digital Telephone Interconnect
Analog / Digtial Auto Switch
All-In-One Compact Design
Repeater Access Management

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