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Hytera RD965

RD965 is Hytera’s first digital/analog portable repeater that is compatible with the DMR standard. Compact and embedded with a mini duplexer, the device is fairly wieldy. Equipped with a wide selection of components, RD965 easily fits into various application scenarios, whether on your back and a wall or in your suitcase and a cabinet.

Hytera RD965

Main Features

100% continuous duty cycle from 1W to 10W
Supports two simultaneous voice paths in digital mode
Supports operation in analogue and digital mode with auto detection between analogue mode and digital modes
IP67 Protection,Compatible with the IP67, the device can operate properly under full immersion test
Supports optional internal mini duplexer (see accessories)
IP site connect (digital mode only)(optional)
Supports optional external 10Ah Li-Ion battery offering at least 8 hours on a 50% duty cycle at high TX power
Remote diagnostics alarms and control (RADC)
“External power supply, Emergency Port on battery”
Multiple CTCSS/CDCSS in analogue and mixed channel

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