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3M Peltor DECT-Com II

The DECT-Com II duplex radio intercom system is designed to make it easy for your team to clearly communicate in noisy environments. Featuring digital radio technology and the advantage of hands-free transmission, it delivers the benefits needed to improve workplace efficiencies and help prevent accidents.

3M Peltor DECT-Com II

Main Features

Hands-Free Operation: The DECT-Com II main units provide hands-free, voice-activated duplex communications.
Duplex Communication: Automatic transmit over-ride functionality is standard for all transmitters. A maximum of nine transceivers can operate in a simultaneous, conference duplex conversation at once.
Multiple System Configurations: Flexible system configurations allow up to 40 team members to participate in a workgroup. The transceiver’s design allows members to join and drop out of conference duplex discussions automatically as members stop talking.
External Connectivity: Selected two-way radios can be integrated into a system configuration by using the DC2815 bas/portable.
Short range communication system: The nominal working range is approximately 250 metres outdoors in line of sight. 50 meters indoors in line of sight. The working range may be shorter due to actual conditions.
Headset Options: Compatible with multiple Peltor headset models.

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