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A W Comms DRC-1S

DRC-1S Single Channel Radio Remote Control Unit Radio, the DRC-1s is an economic and sturdy base station control unit specifically designed with simplicity of use and ease of configuration in mind. The unit employs our own DSP software code providing signal generation and detection and is housed in a rugged 1mm steel case which is powder coat finished. The unit provides full control of remotely located radio sets via 600ohm balanced landlines. The unit boasts a number of user configurable features; these include the generation of either Motorola Tone Remote signalling or Simoco (2970Hz) key tone and M80 emulation with both local and remote supervisories plus many other configurable features. The unit is eminently suitable for providing both manual and computer access to, and control over the radio base station via a landline, with configurable signalling formats and priority given to either speech dominant or data dominant systems.

A W Comms DRC-1S

Main Features

Simple to use
Easy to configure
Low cost
Durable metal case
User selectable line signalling
Modem access
Speech or data priority setting
M80 emulation
Optional integrated microphone
Internal/external loudspeaker

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