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Talking Headsets

Talking Headsets offer a wide range of revolutionary products and solutions to help you to communicate more safely and efficiently even when in the most demanding environments. We supply the latest, most sophisticated passive and electronic hearing protection, head protection, two-way communications headsets and wireless hands-free full-duplex communications solutions currently available on the market.

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Swatcom 1 Modular PTT System, the Swatcom 1 is an intrinsically safe, ATEX approved, waterproof and dust tight Press-To-Talk switch with radio lead. The SWATCOM 1 (Modular Accessory PTT ) can be configured to attach to virtually any portable two-way radio

Swatcom 2 PTT Throat Mic System, this unique Throat Mic and PTT (Push-to-Talk switch) with radio lead was designed specifically for military and law enforcement users who want a reliable accessory for voice communication that is streamline, easy to use and can be adapted in the field, for a variety of operational scenarios.

Swatcom 3 Voice Amplifier PTT System, the Swatcom 3 Voice Amplifier PTT System was delevoped as a new concept in radio accessory functionality, it combines a PTT with a voice amplifier. The amplification function allows users to speak at normal levels and be understood while wearing facemasks/protective suits.

Swatcom 4 Voice Amplifier System, is a portable voice amplifier that when attached to a throat mic or lightweight boom mic headset amplifies the users voice.

SONETICS Wireless-Com

Systems can be configured to suit any number of users (up to 120). Systems allow the users to talk to each other without having to push any buttons or wait their turn to talk. The full-duplex feature allows constant communications between, all users all time

Wireless Headsets, headband and under helmet style headsets that connect wirelessly to the main wireless base. Rugged, noise cancelling and full duplex. Constant or PTT versions, all full-duplex

Belt Packs/Headsets, the wireless belt packs allow users to choose from a wide range of lightweight headsets and throat microphones. If high noise is not an issue then you will not need hearing protection so the belt packs offer the greatest flexibility

Wireless Base, single and 4 user wireless base stations enable the wireless headsets to communicate in groups. More bases can be connected together by using one of the 110/210/310 intercoms to enable 5 or more users to talk in the group. Can be mains or battery powered

Radio Intercoms, connect to the wireless base stations and enable numerous wireless base stations to be connected together, allowing more users on the system. A single 2-way radio can then be connected allowing all the users to utilise the features of the radio.

PELI Case IP67 to house Base and Headsets, customised to suit.

Accessories, hygiene kits, power supplies, carry cases and portable power supplies.

A-KABEL 2talk

ARBORCOM, safe, reliable, hands free, full duplex communications between 2 people up to 200 metres apart. No licence required. Allows two users to talk at the same time, even when using chain saws etc. and will greatly increase the operator’s safety and productivity. A-KABE

High Noise, safe, reliable, hands free, full duplex communications between 2 people up to 200 metres apart. No licence required. 2talk High Noise headsets work in pairs and allow the user to communicate in a full duplex (like talking on a telephone) conference

Modular, if you do not have a noise problem or need to wear face masks, breathing apparatus or close fitting helmets then the 2talk modular offers great flexibility to choose lightweight headsets or throat microphones. Simple connection between headsets and handsets

MSA Sordin CC

Passive Headsets, noise-cancelling headsets that connect to two-way radios, allowing them to be used in noisy environments. Noise cancelling boom microphone enables clear speech in high noise. Models to suit most popular two-way radios.

CutOff Headsets, electronic, level dependent “Active Listening” headsets that allow the user to hear ambient sound whilst automatically filtering out harmful noise. Noise-cancelling headsets that connect to two-way radios, allowing them to be used in noisy environments.

Press-To- Talk Switches

Nexus PTT2000 Press-to-Talk Switch with Radio lead, PTT2000 in-line PTT switches to suit most two way radios and other applications terminating in a TP120 socket.

NEXUS PTT2000 In-Line PTT Without Cable, NEXUS PTT2000 In-Line Press-To-Talk Switch without cable for hard-wiring into a radio lead.

Large Push Button (50mm) PTT, a large round 50mm Press-to-Talk switch for hard-wiring into headset downlead

MSA Racers Glasses
Manufacturer: MSA
Dynamic frame design, very high impact resistant single lens, compliant to MIL-V-43511C clause 3.5.10. and MIL-PRF-31013 clause (198 m/s)
MSA Alternator Glasses
Manufacturer: MSA
Alternator comes with soft bag and cord. Vented and non-vented dust inserts and a practical storage case.
Bolle Invader Ballistic Spectacle
Manufacturer: Bolle
Invader is a lightweight spectacle which offers comfort, style and ballistic protection. Packed in a rigid carry case with clear, yellow and smoke lenses, you can switch between the lens options easily and accordingly to your needs and conditions
Bolle Raid Ballistic Spectacle
Manufacturer: Bolle
Raid the model for all situations. With its interchangeable clear, yellow and smoke lenses. Raid can be easily adapted for each situation with its interchangeable head strap or temple arm system.
Bolle Rogue Ballistic Spectacle
Manufacturer: Bolle
Rogue is unique model thanks to its wide field of vision combined with high ballistic resistance level. Packed in a carry case with clear, yellow and smoke lenses. Rogue will provide you with the maximum protection.

MSA Perspecta 010 Glasses
Manufacturer: MSA
The special multi-adjustment system includes a 5 position ratchet for lens inclination adjustment, and 4 positions for temple length adjustment. Semi frame and slim temple design create a lightweight spectacle of only 32 grams. EN166 1 FT.

MSA Perspecta 1900 Glasses
Manufacturer: MSA
Stylish lens offering a clear and panoramic view. The light weight design ensures the wearer will literally forget they are wearing them. Incredibly light weight at only 27 grams. EN166 1 FT
MSA Perspecta 9000 Glasses
Manufacturer: MSA
Snug fitting wrap around lens provides perfect impact protection around the eyes. Special nose pads secure the glasses to your face eliminating the problem of slippage. Revolutionary hard and soft material co injected temple for improved comfort. Incredibly light weight at only 26 grams. EN166 1 FT