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A W Comms DRC-U

PC Interface Radio Controller, the DRC-U is a desktop radio controller based on the same hardware as our DRC-1 and DRC-32 radio controllers. It is designed as a cost-effective interface for PC-based control applications, such as graphical dispatcher/control software, for situations where a telephone-style controller is not required. Control of the unit is completely via the RS232 PC interface. Because it is based on the same hardware as the DRC-1/32, it retains the same powerful functionality of these controllers. The free software configuration toolbox allows the DRC-U to be easily configured as either a single channel radio controller or an operator position in a DS-32 or DS-Micro switch based radio system. The DRC-U controller is contained in a robust, modern metal case which is ideal as a monitor stand. Alternatively, because no controls are provided on the unit itself, it can also be hidden in environments where desk space is at a premium.

A W Comms DRC-U

Main Features

Cost-effective PC radio control interface
User configurable via software toolbox
Can be configured as a single channel stand-alone controller or as an operator in multi-channel switch systems
Selective calling facilities
Audio recording output
Common headset facility
External loudspeaker, footswitch and desk microphone connections

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