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A W Comms DS-32

The DS32 is a modular matrix switch contained within a 3u high 19” card-frame. Each card-frame is designed to house a maximum of 16 two channel port cards although the shelf can be sub-equipped for smaller capacity systems. Each port card in the system is identical, and as such may be programmed to be either a channel port or an operator port. The cards operate using our own DSP software code which greatly reduces the component count, thus providing a very cost effective method of providing a multi operator, multi channel control system. System flexibility is built into each switch element. In the event of a failure to any switch port card the suspected faulty card can be removed and replaced without powering down the switch. Similarly, the switch port cards are not tied to a specific slot within the switch shelf; consequently, a replacement card can be configured prior to insertion in the shelf thus reducing system downtime.

A W Comms DS-32

Main Features

On card selective calling encode/decode
Automatic arbitration for high level of redundancy
Hot-swap card replacement
Tone remote/M80 emulation
Duplicated PSU option
Intuitive PC based configuration
Up to 64 ports

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