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This versatile software application has been designed to complement the range of control system products from AW Communication Systems. It is a Windows based program that is simple and intuitive to configure and easy to use. Clear and precise indicators, the layout of which can be user configured, allow complex dispatching tasks to be undertaken with ease. Clutter free display, with only the frequently used commands visible at all times. Additional facilities are available from drop down menus, which can be opened and closed as necessary. For any system, many screen layouts can be defined, so that different operator functions need only be presented with controls relevant to their role. There are up to five levels of user access and unlimited numbers of user accounts. A standard user account has access to all of the main dispatcher functions and components, and there are various levels of supervisor access with greater or lesser control over system configuration and functions. Each of the user accounts is individually assigned one of the access levels and to any of the screen layouts in the system.


Main Features

Intuitive & simple to use
Fully configurable screen layouts
Integrated radio and telephony control
Full selective calling facilities
TETRA PEI control
User/supervisor access password protected
DS-32/TRICX versions available
Local instant-replay recording
Remote operators over IP (natively for TRICX or via TRip connection for DS-32)

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