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The TRICX is a multiple operator and multiple radio control system using packet switching technology over IP links to achieve the required communications paths. This has several major advantages over a circuit switched solution, such as the ability to remotely site the operators away from the main switch, increased reliability and high levels of resilience and a convergence of communications technology. The system has been designed to offer high levels of redundancy or no single point of failure options. The TRICX server is a rack mounted industrial PC running the relevant applications and controlling the switching between operator and radio ports. As the system uses standard IP communications protocols an interface to IP telephony systems is also provided. For larger systems the TRICX will support multiple ISDN (basic and primary rate) interfaces allowing interconnect to many worldwide telephone systems using international standards. The radio to IP interface is achieved by using our already proven TRip IP radio interface.


Main Features

Multiple operator / multiple radio switch
Complete telephony integration
Duplicated central switch with hot standby option
Scaleable from small to large systems
Configurable PC based operator console
Complete IP solution from operator to radio
Multiple signalling standards
Cost effective communications

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