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A W Comms TRip

The TRip is a purpose built IP device designed specifically for the PMR system suppliers and PAMR Trunk Radio operators or service providers. Using data and voice convergence technology, AWCSL have produced an interface which replaces the permanent leased private circuit with a connection over either an internal IP network or the internet using voice over IP (VOIP) protocols. The TRip provides client with the opportunity to have a “virtual” four wire 600 ohm circuit between any two locations that can be connected via an IP network as well as a “virtual” RS232 connection between the same two locations. For security of the virtual connection, a remote TRip Gateway will only allow a connection from addresses set in in either its main or back up IP address configuration parameters.

A W Comms TRip

Main Features

4 wire 600 ohm interface
RS232 serial interface
8 logic inputs/outputs
10/100 BaseT network connection
Remote configuration & management
Local configuration
System monitoring

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