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Below is a sample of headsets that we supply.

For more information on any of the products below or if the product you require is not displayed please contact us on:

T: 0141 558 2121 or E:

Helberg Relax FM Headset – protects your hearing while you enjoy listening to your favourite radio station or connect to a communication radio, mobile, phone etc.

MSA CC Passive – Noise cancelling ear defender headsets for connecting directly to most hand portable two-way radios.The MSA Sordin CC Passive Headset enhances radio communications giving safer and more efficient two-way communications, even when in noisy environments. Available in a broad range of different configurations.

A-Kabel AS Atex Headset &PTT Switch – ATEX approved heavy duty headset and press-to-talk adaptor for use in the most demanding environments. Manufactured in Norway in close collaboration with end-users, using the latest technology to ensure excellent hearing protection and communication are combined with high durability to meet the demands of extreme environments.

Behind the Head Headset –  behind the head style with single speaker and boom microphone.

D-Shell with Boom Microphone and In- Line PTT

Lightweight Single Sided Ear, Boom Microphone and In- Line PTT

3M Peltor Lite, Peltor™ Lite-Com Solutions are a range of wireless products with a communication radio built into the shell. This system provides effective and effortless short-range two-way communication.