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Icom RC-FS10

The RC-FS10 is an IDAS conventional IP network upgrade and remote communicator. The IDAS conventional IP network links up to 16 IDAS conventional repeaters via an IP network and can extend an organisations communication range to virtually anywhere. The RC-FS10 remote communicator package creates an IP-based virtual radio and works like a simple dispatcher. The IDAS IC-F3162 and IC-F5062 series of radios (with UT-126H IDAS digital unit installed), can be used in the IDAS conventional IP network without hardware or firmware modification.

Icom RC-FS10

Main Features

RC-FS10 components
RC-FS10 software features
Up to 16 IDAS repeaters connection over an IP network
Communication link for distant locations
In-building and Intra-building solution
Remote base station over IP networks
Receiver voting operation
Cross-band repeater

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