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Peltor Hearing Protector

With one of the products from the Peltor™ Workstyle Solutions range, you can both protect your hearing effectively and at the same time enjoy listening to the radio while working. Some models can even be connected to a telephone or communication radio, making you accessible wherever you are.

Peltor Hearing Protector

Main Features

Protect your hearing and listen to the radio – at the same time
Designed for people who work outdoors – forestry, landscaping, mowing lawns, hobbies, etc. – to protect their hearing and let them listen to the radio at the same time
Extra wide, soft, padded head band distributes weight while two-point suspension exerts low pressure for comfortable, long-term use
Soft, liquid and foam filled ear cushions provide added comfort
Battery lifetime approx. 200 hours
Audio input for MP3 player. (Not all models)

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