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Team Simoco SRM9010

The SRM9000 mobile radio comprises a common transceiver platform that can support a wide range of control head options from a single function key microphone to a full featured control head. The mobile uses the latest DSP technology to achieve maximum functionality and audio quality housed in a heavy duty aluminium chassis for protection against the toughest environments.

Team Simoco SRM9010

Main Features

A radio for the user who has a basic need for voice communication, the Simoco SRM9010 has a compact microphone featuring a single digit LED display and three fixed function buttons — for volume up/down and for Channel/Memory select. In PMR mode the 10 channels may also be Scan or Vote groups. PTT Timer, Busychannel- lockout and other traditional radio features can be enabled by the programmer. In Trunk mode the radio has 10 memories that can be set up to call phone numbers, depots, groups — the possibilities are endless. Incoming calls can be matched to the callers ID — if you don’t answer, the memory number flashes in the display for when you return. Missed a call? Don’t worry — the radio will let you access the last eight (PMR) or ten (Trunked), and calling people back is as easy as pressing the PTT button.

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