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Team Simoco Xfin Dispatcher

The Flexibility and functionality of the Xfin Blade System extends to the Xfin IP Soft Dispatcher. Xfin IP connectivity enables Dispatcher functionality to be software controlled from a standard LAN connected PC. The software packagecreates a feature rich intuitive GUI that aids effective and rapid call handling.

Team Simoco Xfin Dispatcher

Main Features

Information at your fingertips,Call stack information is presented on the main screen offering visual indication of all incoming calls. Colour coding of call details in three categories: Emergency, Priority, Normal means that Dispatcher staff can prioritise the most important traffic. Peer to Peer IP connectivity and group working enables calls to be presented on multiple dispatch terminals simultaneously with dynamic call status updatesas calls are dispatched.Flexible Team WorkingXfin Dispatcher Team Working enables each Dispatcher to be to be allocated to a team or ‘COLLEGE’ regardless of their physical location. Each Team or College, with specific screen profile and call stack enables you to target specific traffic to particular dispatcher teams. What’s more, with IP connectivity and distributed database technology, Dispatchers can be located anywhere there is a network connection, enabling cost effective remote working anddisaster recovery solutions.

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